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“Awesome job on my bumper”

"I called Darren with Auto Cosmetic Solutions. He came out. A couple hours later, awesome job on my bumper. I highly recommend him."  

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Aston Martin owner calls scratch repair “perfectly flawless”

Auto Cosmetic Solutions fixed a scratch on this beautiful black Aston Martin. The customer was happy and gave us some high compliments. "Auto Cosmetic Solutions did a fantastic job. I had a big scratch on my Aston Martin here, and now as you can see it is perfectly flawless. Excellent workmanship, very fast and professional. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much."  

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“Look how beautiful it is”

"Darren with Auto Cosmetic Solutions came out. I had a horrible scratch. My whole bumper was scrapped up yesterday. He came out already, first thing this morning and got it all done. And look how beautiful it is. He did a great job."  

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Scratched Bumper “I knew exactly who to call.”

We repaired this scratched Mercedes bumper within a few hours, while it sat in our customer's garage. This is the second time she has used us. We must be doing something right. "I used Darren from Auto Cosmetic Solutions a few years ago on the same car when I hit something on my back hatch. I just hit my car on the side... and Darren with Auto Cosmetic Solutions fixed it and did a great job. I knew exactly who to call," said happy customer.  

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“I saved a $1000, $1200”

"They did a great job. It looks brand new." "Before there was this great big hole and it is now gone... . They did a great job. I highly recommend them."  

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“My car looks brand new.”

"My car looks brand new, because I called Auto Cosmetic Solutions." "The color is perfect. It was done in just a few hours at half the cost. I highly recommend them."  

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“A fabulous job. I can’t believe it.”

"He did a great job and he did it for half the price of anybody in town, and I know because I have been in the car business for 30 years."   "The color match is perfect and I know about's a fabulous job. I can't believe it."  

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“I thought the Auto Cosmetic Solutions guys were just great”

"I thought the Auto Cosmetic Solutions guys were just great. It looks beautiful. It has never looked better. And I'm going to tell all my friends about it."  

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