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“They really do high quality work”

"This is Chuck. Auto Cosmetic Solutions just repaired my bumper. I got a little too low against the curb. I used Darren with Auto Cosmetic Solutions with my other car. They are an outstanding group to work with. They really do high quality work."

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“The car looks brand new,” says Tesla owner

"Darren with Auto Cosmetic Solutions came out to my house. I was at Costco this weekend and I got a scratch on my bumper. I'm trying to sell the car. He came out the following day. The car looks brand new now and the Tesla is ready to go."

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Happy Customer amazed her bumper was fixed in her driveway

"I would have never believed it would have been possible in my own driveway," said happy customer after getting her bumper repaired. "I'm out of the dog house since I backed into the brick wall. You did a great job."

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High praise after bumper repair by Auto Cosmetic Solutions

"At first I was skeptical that anyone can fix a car by coming out to your garage, but after seeing the work that they've done I highly recommend calling Auto Cosmetic Solutions," said happy Toyota Prius owner.  

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Happy BMW customer calls bumper repair “perfect”

"I just had a fender bender and it was awful. You probably saw the dent in the video. And look at my car; it's perfect. Darren came out right away with Auto Cosmetic Solutions and took care of it immediately. He was prompt and he saved me about $800 on what the other guy wanted. I couldn't be more pleased. I would call Darren again anytime," said happy BMW owner.  

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Damaged Bumper fixed at owner’s place of work

"So I had a pretty good size dent here. I called Darren from Auto Cosmetic Solutions. He came out, I'm actually at work, he came out and this is my finished product. Amazing, awesome job," said happy customer.

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Mercedes owner says bumper looks “brand new”

"I was driving on the freeway and a truck had a blow out," said happy Mercedes owner. "It hit my car and dented by whole front bumper. I called Auto Cosmetic Solutions and they gave me a quote immediately after I sent them a picture. They came out and now it looks like brand new. They did a great job and I didn't have to leave my house."  

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“He fixed it up beautifully,” says New York City tourist

"I'm Scott from New York City. I was out of vacation here in Orange County and banged up the car pretty bad. It's a rental car. We hit a pole and put a nice gash in the car. We didn't have enough time to take it into a body shop. We called up Auto Cosmetic Solutions and Darren came by the same day we were flying out and needed to returning the car. He fixed it up beautifully as you can see. We are very pleased with him. He does excellent work. We highly recommend him. "  

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Audi owner praises bumper repair, “Now it is better than new.”

"Darren with Auto Cosmetic Solutions was referred to us by a close friend of mine, who is still going to be a close friend by the way. My wife reversed her car into a truck and caused quite a bit of damage and cosmetically it looks terrible. Now it is better than new and I will refer Darren any time, any time. He did a great job. Thank you Darren."  

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Jeep owner, “It’s completely perfect, like nothing even ever happened.”

"This is my 2005 Jeep Cherokee that I scraped up against the wall about two weeks ago. I scraped it up pretty bad.... Auto Cosmetic Solutions came out and hooked it up big time. As you can see down here, it is completely perfect, like nothing even ever happened. I'm loving it and I'm so happy that I got it fixed."  

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