Removing damaging sap from your car

It’s been a sweltering week in Southern California. I know it’s hot because my driving behavior has changed. Instead of driving into a parking lot looking for the closest parking space to the store, I look for the shaded parking spot under a tree. Although this habit is going to cool down my car, I have also increased my risk of damaging my car with tree sap.

If not removed quickly, tree sap can eat through your paint and leave permanent scarring. So if you plan to park under trees for shade, you need to know how to remove sap from your car. The Detail Xperts have some great advice in this regard. They suggest several liquids you can use for removal you probably already have around your home: nail polish remover, DW-40, and mineral spirits. A commercial grease removing or wax product you can get from your neighborhood auto parts store will also work. Click here for details on how to apply these suggestions.