Bug guts will damage your paint

I occasionally drive from Orange County to visit relatives in near Sacramento. Rarely do any bugs hit my windshield until I make it over grapevine. And then it’s like I’ve been transported to a bug-infested state like Alabama. Bug strikes against my windshield happen every few minutes. By the time I arrive at my destination, my car looks a mess.

If you are like most people, you wait until you return home from your trip to worry about cleaning off the bug splattered mess. That’s a mistake, because bug guts don’t just make your car ugly temporarily, bug guts can permanently damage your paint.

Many bugs are acidic and as they decompose those rotting acidic enzymes eat right through your clear coat. I found several articles below that offer some good advice on how to remove bugs quickly and easily without damaging your paint. Of course if the damage is already done, Auto Cosmetic Solutions would be glad to repair the paint on your bumper or panel at your home or office. Call for a free quote.,-Tar,-and-Sap-from-Your-Car