Yelp 5 Star Review: They look brand new….. I should’ve called you sooner!

“My wife ran into a wall with her car and damaged the front end and bumper a couple of years ago. She’s been on me ever since to get it repaired. I recently damaged the front end of my Camry and figured I should get them both fixed. Got a quote for my wife’s 4-runner for $950 and 3 days from a body shop and another 3 days and $500 for the small scratch on my Camry. Darren came to my house and did both vehicles in about 2 hours and charged me $625 for both. They look brand new and I can’t even tell where the damage was. He matched the colors perfectly, was professional and courteous. Thanks Darren, I should’ve called you sooner!”

Steve G. Westminster, CA  3/21/2014