Scared of Car Scratches? Then organize your garage!

It is easy to miss the obvious. Those of us trying to protect our cars from ugly scratches spend most of our energy worrying about the issue once our vehicles leave our home. But ironically, we neglect to deal with the scratch hazards found within our disorganized garages. If you are like most Americans, garages tend to be the dumping ground for our ever increasing pile of possessions. This problem is bad enough when we are single, but when we get married and start having kids, there’s a literal explosion of paraphernalia that needs to go somewhere.

With less free time to organize, and our new belongings usually end up in the garage, at lease temporarily, until we figure it out what to do with them. Our garages fill to the brim with tools, sporting equipment, bikes, scooters, boxes, extra chairs, weight lifting equipment, strollers, old books, stuff we hope to sell one day, and the list goes on and on. This collection of stuff eventually starts to crowd out the primary purpose of having a garage: storing and protecting our cars.

Getting out of your car becomes more and more of a challenge. One wrong move and a bike or shovel can come crashing down on a beautiful paint job. And then there is the problem of fitting the car all the way into your garage. If you don’t get your vehicle in far enough, the garage door itself will do some nasty damage.

Maybe you are to the point where you don’t care anymore about scratches. But if you are still making an effort to avoid scratches outside your home, you might as well, expend some of that energy getting rid of the dangers within your garage.

Here is a great article about ridding your garage of clutter from International Association of Business Organizing. It’s worth reading. And of course if the damage to your vehicle has already been done, please call us at Auto Cosmetic Solutions and we will be glad to repair your vehicle at the convenience of your home or office. We serve all of Orange County, California.