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How to fix a car scratch

No matter how hard you try to avoid them, scratches happen. A closing garage door, a misjudged parking maneuver, a cheap drive-thru car wash, they can all cause damage that leaves a hole in the pit of your stomach. But don’t worry. At Auto Cosmetic Solu...

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How much will this bumper repair cost?

When a potential customer calls Auto Cosmetic Solutions, cost is foremost in their minds. How much will this bumper repair cost? Usually, the customer has already had their breath taken away by a quote from their dealer and they hope we have a less expens...

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Great Apps for Christmas Road Trip

It’s Christmas time again and you know what that means? Family road trips! Navigating a road trip sure has changed since I was a kid, thanks to technology. My kids don’t even know what a road map looks like and with GPS devices I can now answer that a...

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Consider a green car because high gas prices here to stay

I was relieved that gas prices finally stopped rising in Orange County last week, but I know this is only a short reprieve. Starting in January, a new California law goes into effect, AB 32, which is designed to make gasoline more expensive. The Global W...

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Scared of Car Scratches? Then organize your garage!

It is easy to miss the obvious. Those of us trying to protect our cars from ugly scratches spend most of our energy worrying about the issue once our vehicles leave our home. But ironically, we neglect to deal with the scratch hazards found within our dis...

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Landed big account with Fletcher Jones Mercedes-Benz in Ontario

I'm excited to announce that Auto Cosmetic Solutions is now repairing scratched and damaged bumpers at Fletcher Jones' newly opened Mercedes-Benz dealership in Ontario. Fletcher Jones has a steller reputation as one of the most successful luxury car deale...

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Removing damaging sap from your car

It's been a sweltering week in Southern California. I know it's hot because my driving behavior has changed. Instead of driving into a parking lot looking for the closest parking space to the store, I look for the shaded parking spot under a tree. Althoug...

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Car washing no longer necessary

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to wash your car anymore? I would love it. Well, your wish is coming true. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. The chemical engineering department of a university in theNetherlandshas developed a special coat...

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Bug guts will damage your paint

I occasionally drive from Orange County to visit relatives in near Sacramento. Rarely do any bugs hit my windshield until I make it over grapevine. And then it’s like I’ve been transported to a bug-infested state like Alabama. Bug strikes against my w...

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A car accident is coming your way! Are you prepared?

Did you know that most drivers, even the careful ones, will be involved in a car accident at least once in their lives? And according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, one person out of every three will be killed or injured in a car crash. T...

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