How to Care For Your Car’s Paint

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By Jim Nash,

Every time your car leaves its protective womb — the garage — it rolls into a world of dangers, not the least of which is parasitic organisms that need cars to multiply — dirt.

Like cold germs waiting patiently for an entryway into your body, grunge clings to microscopic imperfections on the surface of car paint. Bird poop and bugs land on the finish and immediately make paint-eating acids that introduce water to bare metal. The result: new grunge, in the form of rust. More insidious, grit of all kinds hangs onto paint until you inadvertently grind those particles into the surface; you know, when you brush against the car or wash it carelessly.

If you care about your car, you’ll want something better for the skin of your baby. Here are some tips you will find useful in your efforts to raise — that is, maintain — your car.