Great Apps for Christmas Road Trip

It’s Christmas time again and you know what that means? Family road trips! Navigating a road trip sure has changed since I was a kid, thanks to technology. My kids don’t even know what a road map looks like and with GPS devices I can now answer that age old family-trip question, “How much longer before we get there?” With new advancements in mobile phones apps, I can even answer questions the adults are interested in, like, “Where’s the next gas station?” and “Where am I going to find a mechanic to fix that?”

Let me introduce you to RoadNinja (free for iOS andAndroid). This nifty little app directs you to gas stations, restaurants, and shopping options found along your travel route. It is so convenient. The app can find the nearest rest stop along with a list of amenities. And best of all, RoadNinja shows real time gas price information for upcoming gas stations, so you can determine if gas is cheaper within the next 5 miles or 50 miles. If kids demand Taco Bell or another fast food chain, Road Ninja will find this as well.

Another essential road trip app is RepairPal (free for iOS and Android). Not only can this application find nearby mechanics you can call for roadside assistance, but this app helps you diagnose your vehicle problem, and lets you know how much the repair should cost. That will come in handy when dealing with unscrupulous mechanics who might take advantage of a stranded traveler from out of town.