Consider a green car because high gas prices here to stay

I was relieved that gas prices finally stopped rising in Orange County last week, but I know this is only a short reprieve. Starting in January, a new California law goes into effect, AB 32, which is designed to make gasoline more expensive. The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 requires fossil fuel producers to purchase credits if they want to make fuels that produce carbon monoxide. Consequently, gas prices are estimated to increase $1.00 or so.

So how can Orange County residents, who so love and depend on their cars, adjust to these new circumstances? Well, many people are taking a second look at electric and hybrid vehicles. Dealer incentives combined with higher gas prices have boosted green car sales in California. According to the New York Times, Nissan has seen sales dramatically shoot up this month on its electric Leaf after the auto maker offered a $4,500 incentive program. When you combine this with a $7,500 federal tax credit and a $2,500 state rebate, that adds up to a huge incentive.

If you are interested, here is another article detailing other California car dealers who are experiencing an up tick in green car sales. Whether we like it or not, high gas prices in California are here to stay, so green vehicles worth considering.