370Z Customer Review: “This is the dude I been looking for”

2013 Nissan 370Z Coupe

I’m glad for happy customer reviews like this:

Found this guy online pretty randomly, had good reviews so I sent him and email.Guy named Darren calls me back and I tell him I have some scratches stone chips etc. He says great I’ll come right over and work on it tonight. I was kind of surprised at how quickly he was going to show up and it turns out he lives pretty close to me so win/win.Guy shows up in a truck at my house and I show him the scratches etc. He has a whole pickup truck/cab filled with polishes paints, buffers, epoxies, etc. Total pro, says he can even mix his own colors etc. I am thinking this is the dude I been looking for.He spends about 30 minutes buffing out the front and does a really nice job on all the scratches, there is one that goes all the way to the metal he tells me and that one can’t be fixed. Is very honest, and explains everything.He clearly has a lot of skill and a truck full of pro equipment and he will come to your house/job wherever to work on your car. Gotta give this guy the thumbs up and if you are looking for someone in SoCal to do some body repair you should check him out.Just disclaimer, I am not affiliated or know this guy other than calling him this week and he worked on my Z last night.