“Everything was so easy”

Yelp Five Star Review, 11/7/2017,  Robbin I., Long Beach, CA

I was subject to a hit-and-run last week and thankfully only ended up with a scratch on my bumper. Body shops quoted me at around $1100 to REPLACE my bumper – and resisted quoting me on just buffing out and patching up the scratch even after I asked. They also wanted to keep my car for TWO WEEKS to fix it. I am a student and need my car to get to class, there was no way that was going to happen.

So, I decided to go with Auto Cosmetic Solutions to save time & money. Everything was so easy. I sent them a picture of the damage, and they quoted me at an amazing price. Cesar came to my driveway promptly at 2pm the next day and fixed up the bumper beautifully. He melted the crack together, buffed, primed and repainted with the same exact color as the rest of my car. 

I will definitely be calling them next time something like this happens again.